Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Drain It Yourself, Buddy

God, men can be such bitches.

He's all snippy because we haven't had sex lately (Helloooo! Been sick and busy! And all of your "I'm about to pop" and "I've gotta get some relief" comments don't make me get all moist and quivery. Just because you've got an excess sperm buildup doesn't mean I automatically want to drain your monster for you.)

It's like he thinks I *owe* it to him. He's almost demanding sex. A word to the testosterone-burdened: None of that shit works, guys.

He isn't trying flattery or pleasing me ... he's just expressing his hunger and frustration. Makes me feel like I'm a harried waitress who isn't serving his table fast enough. This isn't a sexual partnership -- it's a supply and demand problem.

Take a bar of soap into the shower, pal. And rinse off the walls when you leave, eh?

~ Kvetch This

Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Let the Gods Enforce Their Own Laws"

If you care at all about separation of church and state, you've got to read this great editorial about how Ontario is taking a step in the right direction.


The more I read about Canada lately, the better it sounds.

~ Kvetch_This

Today's Tale: Setting Up Housekeeping

Well, they've gone and done it. Son and girlfriend moved in together. Naturally, he moved into her place. So if they break up, guess whose parents are going to be schlepping up to the university to move him and plunk down more money on a new apartment lease for him? What's the rush?

I could wring his neck, but I guess he's a big boy. I hope he's using common sense about birth control – which he (with a flaming red face) assures me that I don't have to worry about.

If he were even 21, I wouldn't fret so much about this. But at 19 …

And it would help if I (shh … whisper this) even liked the gal. She has issues. But he's picked her, so I'm just doing private hand-wringing about this. My husband just grimaces and retreats to his woodshop to work with the saws and the dust when I try to talk about how this is worrying me.

On the bright side, there's nothing like the daily grind of living with someone to find out what they're REALLY like. ;o)